Anybody Technology A/S

Relevant Expertise/Experience
• Computational musculoskeletal biomechanics by multi-body dynamic modeling
• Software development
• Exploitation through copyrighted software
• Participation in large national and international research awards

Role in the project
• Development of enhanced multi-body dynamic model of the hip
• Prediction of adverse conditions incl. software interfaces to related technologies in the project
• Exploitation through developments within ABT software, primarily the AnyBody Modeling System and Managed Model Repository
• Dissemination and Exploitation

AnyBody Technology (ABT) develops and markets the AnyBody Modeling System™ (AMS), a unique software product for biomechanics and computer-aided ergonomics and simulation. AMS is a modelling system that enables the user to make dynamic simulations of large-scale musculoskeletal systems. It has a powerful GUI that allows the users to see the model in 3D and also analyse very detailed results simultaneously. AMS comes with the AnyBody Managed Model Repository™ (AMMR), which is a near-complete model of the human musculoskeletal system. It is an open solution where the user can change and improve the standard model or build custom models. The models are hosted on a community site (, which holds a vast number of models, the entire body model totalling more than 900 individual muscles, and a forum where users can exchange information with ABT providing support.

ABT has its main office in Aalborg, Denmark. It employs 15 people and was founded in late 2001 as a spin-out from Aalborg University, with whose AnyBody Research Group it still works closely. AMS has users at more than 200 sites worldwide, mainly involved in either university research or R&D activities within industry. The key markets for ABT’s products and services are the global orthopaedics, automotive, and sports industries, while ABT also conducts consultancy work using the AMS to model specific customer-related requirements and develop general musculoskeletal models of body parts. Recent results have demonstrated application of AMS to predicting hip-reaction forces in gait and comparison to the serum ion levels for actual metal-on-metal-hip-resurfacing-arthroplasty patients.

ABT is collaborating with several strategic partners internationally and is also a current partner in three other EU projects A-FOOTPRINT, SPINEFX and TLEMsafe. ABT has also undertaken consultancy work for the European Space Agency.

Partner contribution
ABT provides development of an enhanced multi-body dynamic model of the hip; prediction of adverse conditions, including software interfaces to related technologies in the project; exploitation through developments within ABT software, primarily the AnyBody Modeling System and Managed Model Repository; and contributes to dissemination and exploitation.