Video with statements from LifeLongJoints partners

In this video several project partners explain how the project was set up, what the expected results are and what their role is in the project.

AnyBody Research Group and coworker win 2014 Grand Challenge competition

Congratulation to Michael Skipper Andersen (Aalborg University), Marco Marra (Radbound University), Valentine Vanheule (Materialise), Rene Fluit (Twente University), Nico Verdonschot (Radbound University) and John Rasmussen (Aalborg University) for winning the 2014 Grand Challenge with their paper:

Patient-specific Musculoskeletal Modelling of Total Knee Arthroplasty using Force-dependent Kinematics

Andersen et al. created a patient specific model using MIMICS (Materialise) to segment CT scans and the AnyBody Modeling System to run a musculoskeletal simulation.

For more information visit Anybody Technology’ website.

Michael Skipper Andersen will present the paper twice 9 September in a Webinar. Seating is limited, so sign up now and join early:

 1. Webinar at 9:00 Central European Time (Berlin/Paris/Rome). View your local time.

2. Webinar at 21:00 Central European Time (Berlin/Paris/Rome). View your local time.

PhD Position in Computational Wear Modeling at the ETH Zurich

In the context of LifeLongJoints, applicants are invited for a PhD studentship at the Institute for Biomechanics of the ETH Zurich.

Whole-body, multi-body dynamic biomechanical simulations will be coupled to joint-scale finite element analyses to predict prosthesis wear rates across a broad range of patient parameters and simulated activities of daily living. Representative surface wear rates will be governed by computational wear and corrosion models developed by our collaborators. The application of this coupled simulation method for prosthesis design optimisation will be explored.

More details may be found at Please respect that we can not answer to mails in this context.

Industrial Technologies 2014

LLJ STand Athens

LifeLongJoints was present at the Industrial Technologies 2014 conference in Athens from 9-11 April 2014.

The Industrial Technologies 2014 conference integrates nanotechnology, biotechnology, advanced materials and new production technologies. The event offers opportunities for developing valuable research and industry collaborations, and showcases cutting-edge research, latest innovations and rising companies from all around Europe.

The main topics include:

  • European and global developments in the high-tech arena,
  • Re-industrialisation and regional development in Europe,
  • Technological and entrepreneurial opportunities especially for the Balkan and Mediterranean states, and
  • Opportunities in Horizon 2020 in the field of enabling technologies.

The event takes place during the Greek Presidency of the European Council and has received funding from European Union Seventh Framework Programme.

On the picture you see Karen Steenson of the University of Leeds and Axel Wegner of TuTech Innovation GmbH.

PUBLIC CONSULTATION on the preliminary opinion on the safety of Metal-on-Metal joint replacements with a particular focus on hip implants

The European Commission and the Scientific Committee on Emerging Newly Identified Health Risks have launched a public consultation on the preliminary opinion on “the safety of Metal-on-Metal joint replacements with a particular focus on hip implants”.

The aim of this opinion is to assess whether the use of MoM implants in arthroplasty, could give reasons for concern from the health point of view and, if possible, to provide indications on the design and patient groups and also to identify needs for further research.

All interested parties are invited to submit written comments on the preliminary opinion by 25 April 2014 in view of gathering specific comments, suggestions, explanations or contributions on the scientific basis of the opinion, as well as any other scientific information regarding the questions addressed, to enable Scientific Committees to focus on issues which need to be further investigated.