Hands-on musculoskeletal modeling and integration with FEA, Lyon (France), July 10th 2016

LLJ partner AnyBody Technology welcomes you to a 4-hour hands-on workshop.

Your multi-scale models of bones, ligaments, cartilage etc., could be more realistic by using musculoskeletal models to compute the in-vivo muscle and joint contact forces.

stand_0000By the end of this workshop, you will have learned to create such a simulation pipeline, combining musculoskeletal and finite-element simulations. You will learn to use the AnyBody Modeling System to create personalized musculoskeletal models and simulate simple daily motions such as squats, even when motion capture data may be unavailable. You will also gain hands-on experience of passing on the simulation results as boundary conditions for a finite element analysis.

Many of the tools and methods that will be shown were developed or enhanced through in the LLJ project.

For more details and registration, please visit http://www.anybodytech.com/index.php?id=1207

Publications list grows

LifeLongJoints consortium members have been busy on the publications front recently. To make it easier for users to find their way round what is now quite a long list, we have added a function to sort articles by title or publication date. Articles available online are hyperlinked from their listings, while a click on the publication’s authors takes users to the consortium member’s page on this website. Check out the publications page to see what’s new.

Free webinar: Musculoskeletal forces in the human body during Tokyo’s daily life

Our LifeLongJoints partner AnyBody is offering the following free webinar next week:

The human body is exposed to various forces during daily activities. This presentation is about the musculoskeletal loads in the human body during typical daily activities while commuting.

Julien Groud, Application Engineer from Terrabyte, Japan will show some examples how the AnyBody Modeling System can be used to analyze loads in the human body while cycling, riding a motorbike or a train through Tokyo.

The AnyBody Team runs the webinar twice 13 May. Seating is limited, so sign up now:

1. Webinar at 9:00 Central European Time (Berlin/Paris/Rome).

2. Webinar at 23:00 Central European Time (Berlin/Paris/Rome).

We look forward to meeting you online.