LLJ – the movies

By way of conclusion of the project and to share some of the experiences, a series of videos has been produced (more fun to watch than reading reports).

See the viewing options on the video page HERE: lifelongjoints.eu/the-videos.

Publication of CEN Workshop Agreements

A key result of LLJ from the work on in vitro simulation and biological assessment of wear conducted by the University of Leeds has been the development of novel methodology to isolate very low volumes of wear particles from simulator lubricants and tissues which is 100-fold more sensitive compared to current methods. The work has been presented for wider use through the publication of two CEN Workshop Agreements:

  • CWA 17253-1 “Joint implants — Part 1: Novel methods for isolating wear particles from joint replacements and related devices”
  • CWA 17253-2 “Joint implants — Part 2: Tiered toolkit approach to evaluate the biological impact of wear particles from joint replacements and related devices”

These can be obtained from the CEN website.

It is envisaged that these may in the not too distant future become EN or ISO standards.

A video relating to the Workshops set up to discuss these can be seen HERE:

Partners meet in Hamburg

LLJ Partner Assembly at TUHH in Hamburg on 7-8 February 2018 – the last time the full project gathers.

Film crew on tour for LifeLongJoints

We’re compiling a video dossier to highlight key achievements of the LifeLongJoints project. Heiner Schäfer and Jo Dawes were in Leeds this week to film the research teams im action.They’ve also visited ETH Zurich and project partner Ionbond.

Call for Abstracts: Workshop on Coatings for the Medical Device Industry

November 6, 2018, Washington Hilton, Washington, DC
Sponsored and held together with the bi-annual
ASTM Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices

The aim is to discuss and strategize about upcoming needs of standards in the development of coatings for the medical industry. An intended outcome is a plan to augment the pending ISO TC 150 coatings document (ISO 17327).

Planned sessions for this workshop include:

  • Introduction to coatings, the clinical risks associated with them, and ISO 17327
  • Coatings for soft tissue interfaces
  • Coatings for hard tissue interfaces
  • Coatings for blood tissue interfaces
  • Path forward

Please submit your 300 word abstract to the Workshop Corresponding Chair Gary Fischman at gfischman_@_futurestrategysolutions.com by March 2, 2018.



Registration information to the workshop will be posted at a later date. ASTM F04 meeting schedules are poster on the ASTM web site at www.astm.org/COMMIT/COMMITTEE/F04.htm.