LLJ meets Patients

On Friday afternoon 4 September, just under 100 hip replacement patients with friends/family gathered at Leeds University to meet some of the LLJ team and be put into the picture as to how their contribution to the project has been used.


LLJ partner Leeds Teaching Hospitals National Health Service Trust (LTHT) has been putting 133 selected patient volunteers through their paces in order to get data for developing the simulation and test systems. David Lunn, who has been in charge of the testing, showed how their data feed into a virtual patient model to provide realistic movement patterns for implant research. Stephen Ferguson, Professor for Biomechanics at ETH Zurich, then looked at how the virtual patient could help develop better implants faster and at a lower cost. Journalist Jo Dawes reported on the event for LifeLongJoints.

Read full article by Jo Dawes (PDF)

Hip Replacement Part Recall

The website qmed.com reports: “Zimmer Hit with a Serious Hip Replacement Part Recall”.
A Class I designation for a Zimmer hip replacement parts recall as the FDA recently announced.
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Fluch und Segen eines künstlichen Gelenks

“Deutschland ist einer der Spitzenreiter, wenn es um den Einbau von Kunstgelenken geht. Doch der Weg eines Patienten bis zum Einsatz eines künstlichen Gelenks ist oft lang, schmerzhaft und nicht selten mit Komplikationen verbunden.”


LLJ Second Review Meeting

June 11 saw the LLJ partnership gathered in Brussels for the second review meeting. This year the Project Technical Assistance Laurence Archibald was joined by the Project Officer Fergal Donnelly, from DG R&I Nanomaterials.

Presentations were given by the Work Package leaders to bring both up to date with the progress which has been good for such a large and complex projects. Most of the work is on track despite some challenges with the coatings. Particular interest was expressed in some of the early ‘spin-offs’ from the project in terms of simulation testing and modelling as well as the contribution LLJ can make to discussions on regulation.

The LLJ team gathered the day before to run through the presentations and then continued discussions while being educated into the art of Antipodean wines.

The LLJ team

LLJ Project team with PO Fergal Donnelly and PTA Laurence Archibald, Brussels 11 June 2015

Congratulations on successful PhD defence to Maria Pettersson

We are happy to report that Maria Pettersson at Uppsala University successfully held her PhD defence some days ago on her thesis ‘Silicon nitride for total hip replacements’.

GRATTIS! From the LifeLongJoints community.

Maria worked on proving some of the base hypotheses of the silicon nitride coatings, such as their good wear resistance, the dissolution of the wear particles, the slower dissolution of the actual coating, as well as looking into the fretting behaviour of bulk silicon nitride in a simulated taper contact. Maria was based at Uppsala University but taking advantage of the LLJ collaboration has done some of her research at the University of Linköping as well as the University of Leeds.

PHD-Maria-PortraitRead more at: