New channels of dissemination

LLJ as a project community takes broader dissemination of what we do and why we do it seriously. We have had two very successful events for hip replacement patients. In October the project was represented by Prof. Morlock in a more radical science dissemination event “Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge“. In a ‘speed dating type of set up’ people have an opportunity to meet experts and discuss a topic for 30 min. An expert and a knowledge seeker discuss, observed by an observer to see what is imparted. The concept of Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge. The art of the assembly is explained in this video

Professor Michael Morlock was billed as head of the Hamburg Institute of Biomechanics, a professor at the Technical University, Hamburg, and former president of the German Society for Biomechanics. As a mathematician and sports scientist, he tries to develop endoprostheses that last a lifetime – and even beyond. “He will discuss societal challenges of medical technologies by showing prostheses that outlived their owners (such as artificial heart valves and hip joints)”. In other words Life Long Joints!

The event as a whole attract around 500 participants.

LLJ meets Patients in Zurich

About 80 people packed into the auditorium at the Schulthess Klinik in Zurich, Switzerland, on 22 September 2016 to hear about the future of artificial joints. Among them were hip-replacement patients who had agreed to have their muscle strength measured before and after their operations. The muscle strength data feeds into LifeLongJoints computational models, complementing the motion capture data obtained from patients in Leeds. Journalist Jo Dawes was in Zurich for LifeLongJoints and produced together with the Schulthess Klinik Media Team two videos:

English Version

German Version


Pictures by Anne Fröhlich, Schulthess Klinik

Not your average joint

No two people are alike, or walk alike, so LLJ partner Leeds Teaching Hospitals National Health Service Trust (LTHT) has been putting patient volunteers through their paces to get realistic movement patterns for developing simulation and test systems. In September, just under 100 hip replacement patients with friends and family gathered at Leeds University to hear how their contribution to the project has been used. Here, members of the LLJ team and testing volunteers talk about their involvement in developing better replacement joints.

Simulator tests replacement joints to the limits

Early achievement for EU-funded LifeLongJoints project

LLJ SME partner SimSol has been able to capitalise on early results from LLJ for the development of a new mechanical wear simulator. This new generation of simulator means orthopaedic implants can be tested for the whole range of adverse wear on hip implants encountered by those choosing to live an active post-operation lifestyle. The technology has considerable commercial potential in western markets and in Asia, as described by SimSol’s CEO Nick Eldred in this video interview.

Video with statements from LifeLongJoints partners

In this video several project partners explain how the project was set up, what the expected results are and what their role is in the project.