Final External Expert Advisory Board meeting held in Lisbon

At the start of the LLJ project, a board of experts (EEAB) was appointed to be our ‘critical friends’.

Since 2015 it has met with representatives of the project annually to receive information about progress on developments and to give the project team an opportunity to hear external expert opinion. Four of the six members of the Board were present : Professor Maria Grazia Benedetti – Professor at the Ospedale Universitario Rizzoli Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli in Bologna; Professor Tom Joyce – Professor of Orthopaedic Engineering Mechanical and Systems Engineering, University of Newcastle; Professor Dr. Frank Lampe – Professor at the Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek, Zentrum für Endoprothetik; and  Dr Catherine Van Der Straeten – Head of the Clinical Research and Innovation Institute and Network Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer Imperial College London, UK.

The presentations focussed on the results of the coating development and future plans for exploitation presented by Antonio Santana Global Head Segment Medical at Ionbond; Prof. Stephen Ferguson  and doctoral student Enrico De Pieri from ETH presented on “Advances in computational methods and impact on treatment strategies” and Dr David Lunn from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust presented on “Stratified approaches in Clinical Motion Analysis”.

These presentations stimulated an intensive exchange on future directions of work in implant replacement, but there was particular praise for the advances made musculoskeletal modelling software systems with Prof. Lampe expressing appreciation for the fact that this will allow surgeons to take a more individualistic approach.