Imperial College London

Relevant Expertise/Experience
• Tribology
• Modelling of tribological systems
• Elastohydrodynaic lubrication modelling

Role in the project
• Computational modelling of the joint scale implant
• Development of tribo-corrosion models

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London (Imperial) is one of the leading international universities in science and technology and is a member of the group of Leading European Research Universities. Current enrolment is >14,000 students from 126 countries. The college consistently ranks in the top 20 universities globally and in the top 10 for engineering and technology.
The Faulty of Engineering in which the Aeronautics Department resides has a wide range of expertise, including tribology and modelling of tribological systems including Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication modelling. The faculty has access to excellent high performance computing facilities with a total of 14,000 cores available.

Partner contribution
Imperial College is working computational modelling of the joint scale implant to permit the introduction of tribo-corrosion and optimisation of the joint to be optimised. They are also assisting in the inclusion of tribo-corrosion models into the joint scale model.