Launch of CEN Workshop based on LLJ results

Under the auspices of CEN, LLJ has initiated a process to achieve Workshop Agreements based on the techniques developed by Prof. Joanne Tipper and team at the University of Leeds who have been working on in vitro testing of the silicon nitride coating. Preparation of the workshops has been coordinated by Dr Peter Hatto, Ionbond and Jacqui Burman of BSI.

CEN/WS 87 – “Novel methods for isolating wear particles from joint replacements and related devices and for evaluating their biological impact in vitro” will hold a web based kick-off meeting 15 June 2017. Details on how to participate can be found on the CEN website .

The Workshop aims at producing two CEN Workshop Agreements. It will deliver

  1. new wear particle isolation procedures that will allow the collection and subsequent biological testing of wear debris from joint simulator and reciprocating wear testing under joint relevant conditions and
  2. a toolkit of tests providing a significantly more relevant, and complete measure of biological impact of wear particles by considering inflammatory cytokine release, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, oxidative stress and membrane toxicity.