Linköpings Universitet

Relevant Expertise/Experience
• Coatings deposition and characterisation
• Surface Characterisation
• Tribology
• HIPIMS coating technology
• Participation in large national and international research awards

Role in the project
• HIPIMS coating deposition and optimisation
• Characterisation of coating
• Dissemination and Exploitation

Linköping University (LiU) is one of Sweden’s largest educational and research institutions with more than 25,000 students (of whom 1,300 are doctoral) and 3,600 faculty staff. From its inception, LiU has focused on fostering a commitment to basic and problem-oriented research, education in cross-disciplinary perspectives, and internationally competitive contexts. A continuous dialogue with industry and society has been pivotal to its success. Materials science, as represented in this project, is the centerpiece of LiU’s research strategy and the area that attracts the most research funding.

The interdisciplinary Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (IFM) has an excellent track record in thin films and nanostructured materials research (theoretical/experimental). Specialising in thin film growth and structural, thermodynamic, and mechanical properties analysis, IFM offers application-inspired basic thin film research to fundamentally understand the atomistic nature of material properties and behaviour, and improve material performance through new synthesis and processing methods. IFM operates an excellent materials research laboratory in a newly constructed research facility with cleanrooms housing state-of-the-art equipment.

Partner contribution
LiU contributes HIPIMS coating deposition and optimisation, characterisation of coating, and dissemination and exploitation.