Simulation Solutions Limited

Relevant Expertise/Experience
• Functional joint simulator design and manufacturer
• Mechanical engineering and control systems design
• Standards Development

Role in the project
• Design/manufacturer – new generation wear simulator
• Design/ manufacture – new generation whole-joint tribocorrosion simulator
• Exploitation through (a) standards and (b) commercialisation of the simulation technology

Simulation Solutions (SimSol) is an owner-managed technology business that, for the past 18 years, has been designing and developing simulators for the wear, fatigue and stress testing of a range of orthopaedic implants. The business is based in Stockport, England, employs 21 staff and has a turnover of approximately £2.5 million. The company comprises small clusters of technologists with depth in the following areas: design and development of electronic control systems; design and development of complex control software; and mechanical design and development. Staff are supported by a team of fitters and wirers who assemble the simulators. Simulation Solutions first became involved in the field of bioengineering in 1993, when it developed a 10-station hip wear simulator for DePuy International Ltd. It has since developed into a global business supplying simulators to America, Europe, India and China. Currently, SimSol is one of the three main suppliers of wear, fatigue and stress testing simulators in the world and the only European supplier.

Partner contribution
SimSol will contribute design and manufacture of a new generation wear simulator and of a new generation whole-joint tribocorrosion simulator, plus exploitation through standards and through commercialisation of the simulation technology.