Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg

Relevant Expertise/Experience
• Retrieval analysis of medical devices
• In vitro simulation
• Exploitation of the research outcomes through standards
• Participation in large national and international awards

Role in the project
• Analyses of explanted components
• Mechanical simulation of damage in modular components
• Dissemination and Exploitation

The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) is recognised to be at the forefront of innovative collaboration between industry and academia. An active member of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), TUHH coordinates the ECIU Graduate School. Research is organised within flexible, interdisciplinary, dynamically changing groups. Together with the interdisciplinary organisation of teaching, this leads to a matrix structure between departments from different areas and thus enables lively exchange between them. TUHH is well embedded within network agencies and public-private-partnerships, and nearly one third of its budget is provided by third-party funding.

The Institute of Biomechanics (bmh) is embedded within the research group ‘Regeneration, Implants, Biomedical Engineering’ which combines researchers with distinct expertise as process engineers, and scientists whose specialities include laser-technology, biomechanics, mechanical engineering, microtechnology, nanotechnology, biotechnologies and ceramics. The main research foci of the institute are degeneration, tissue engineering, endoprosthesis design, pre-clinical testing of medical devices, and analysis of clinical failures and interfaces, especially between bone and implant.

Partner contribution
TUHH contributes analyses of explanted components, mechanical simulation of damage in modular components, and dissemination and exploitation.