Welcome to the website of the Framework 7 project Lifelongjoints.
Lifelongjoints is a project in the area of nano-materials aiming to improve the lifespan and performance of implants used for joint replacement.

Total Joint Replacement, particularly of the hip and knee, represent one of the most successful and common surgical interventions, giving a new lease of life to those in pain and whose mobility has declined. This success has led to an unprecedented rise in the number of procedures being undertaken, increasingly on younger patients.

This is driving a demand for longer lasting implants and a reduction in failure rates. LifeLongJoints aims to make a breakthrough in the development of functional biomaterials to improve implant wear and corrosion by using novel silicon nitride-based coatings.

This website serves to present the progress of the project. We hope you will find it interesting. Please get in contact if you would like further information.