Wilhelm Schulthess Stiftung

Relevant Expertise/Experience
• Advanced gait and muscle function evaluation facilities
• Clinical advisory capacity
• Clinical experience of primary and revision hip procedures including analysis
• Participation in large national and international research awardsRole in the project
• Provision of motion and muscle strength data to (a) validate computation models and (b) provide initial inputs to pre-clinical tests
• Clinical advisory capacity
• Dissemination and Exploitation

The Schulthess Klinik (KWS) is a private clinic (non-profit foundation) in Zurich and is considered to be the Swiss centre for shoulder arthroplasty and a leader in hip and knee interventions. Formed in 1883, KWS is a leading training facility in orthopaedic surgery, specialising in all disciplines of orthopaedics as well as rheumatology, sports medicine and pain therapy. The clinic has 160 beds, more than 800 employees, and performs more than 16,000 operations a year. Its annual turnover is approximately CHF 150 million. The clinic is closely linked with the ETHZ’s Institute for Biomechanics, while its own research groups are world leaders in clinical assessment and evaluative research.KWS’s Neuromuscular Research Laboratory specialises in the physiological exploration of human musculoskeletal function in vivo. Facilities includes dynamometers for the evaluation of human muscle strength, surface electromyography, mechanomyography, tensiomyography, accelerometers for investigating human movement patterns, force and pressure sensors, electrogoniometers and electrical stimulators for superficial muscles and nerves. The laboratory has been active in developing valid methodologies for the evaluation of skeletal muscle function, attempting to demonstrate that such function is an excellent predictor of general physical functioning and quality of life, and restoring it using innovative rehabilitation strategies in orthopaedic patients. Close collaboration with global universities, research-focused institutions and the medical technology industry further reinforce the quality of research.

Partner contribution
KWS provides motion and muscle strength data to validate computation models and provide initial inputs to pre-clinical tests. It also acts in a clinical advisory capacity and contributes to dissemination and exploitation.